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Average monthly hours consumed per person

Average monthly reach of TV

Average monthly reach of TV

Average number of screens per household

Why TV_

Unbeatable Scale & Reach + -

Acclaimed marketing scientist, Professor Byron Sharp, tells us brands need to target the whole market if they want to grow and with a reach of 19 million Australians every week, TV generates fame and word-of-mouth on a scale like no other. Mass media is critical for marketing success and it doesn’t get any more mass than TV.

Short & Long Term Success + -

Today’s brands cannot afford to just focus on the short term. According to the godfathers of marketing effectiveness, Peter Field and Les Binet, short-term efforts need to be balanced with long-term brand building activities. Few mediums can deliver on both like TV can. Research shows TV has the ability to supercharge both ends of the funnel.

Emotional Connection + -

TV has long been the home of rich, narrative, evocative advertising – ads that tell stories while tugging at our heartstrings, stirring us to tears or making us smile. That’s because TV affords brands the time and space to tell a story that builds tension with a beginning, middle and a satisfying end. But here’s the best part – by triggering people’s emotions, you’ll drive 2.4 times the sales impact.

Drive Sales & ROI + -

TV is the most effective media channel when indexed across the four key advertising categories of fast moving consumer goods, automotive, finance and e-commerce. In fact, research shows TV is twice as effective as the second most efficient channel delivering double the sales uplift from media spend.

Brand Safe + -

Unlike other platforms where user generated content reigns supreme, TV offers a trusted, high-quality environment. With professionally produced and curated content, your brand is in good company on Australia’s most trusted medium.

TV is Everywhere, Anytime + -

Today there are more channels, devices and programs – and that’s just TV! The much-loved TV in the corner of the living room is having babies. From the phone in your pocket to the tablet in your hand, TV is literally everywhere, anytime.

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“Sustaining an audience is hard, it demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time”

- Bruce Springsteen - Quoted in “The three C’s of customer satisfaction” McKinsey & Co, March 2014

“The biggest thing that drives engagement is the quality of the creative.”

- Keith Weed, CMO, Unilever, CNBC, 6 May 2016 -

“Businesses must consider brands as assets - as tangible as plant equipment, buildings and people. In fact brands are among the more lasting investments that can be made.”

- Joan Withers MBA, CFInstD -

The Power of Advertising

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