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weekly reach of radio

average weekly hours listening to radio

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of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after hearing a radio ad

Why Radio_

Reaches 95% of Australians + -

Radio reaches more consumers than any other medium, with 95% of Australians aged 10+ listening each week. Commercial radio’s audience has grown by 8% over the past five years.  With 260 stations across the country, radio provides the flexibility to target millions of listeners at home, at work, in the car and on the go.

Drives action and sales + -

Radio has an immediate impact on consumer behaviour. Colmar Brunton says consumers are 43% more likely to search for a brand online and 41% more likely to make a purchase after hearing it advertised on radio. Adding radio to the marketing mix improves results. There is an average 23% return on investment when radio is added to online, and a 21% ROI when radio is combined with TV.

Trust and authenticity + -

Radio is a highly trusted, human, engaging and intimate medium. More than half of listeners consider radio a companion. Popular on-air personalities deepen the close connection listeners have with their favourite station and can create loyalty to brands that advertise on it.

Cost-effective brand building + -

Radio drives a strong call-to-action, but it’s also an effective brand building medium. Audio is highly memorable and stays with you long after the point of engagement. Relatively low production costs allow advertisers to communicate their brand story cost-effectively.

Apps, events, podcasts and more + -

Radio offers dynamic and exciting new opportunities to reach consumers across multiple platforms. These include DAB+ radio, streaming, mobile apps, social media, podcasts, live events, voice-enabled smart speakers and more.

Makes people happy + -

Research shows that consumers are nine times happier and more energised when listening to radio. This translates to a greater openness to advertising messages – 67% say they are open to advertising messages, the highest across any media.

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“Long-term results cannot be achieved by piling short-term results on short-term results.”

- Peter Drucker, 1993 -

“The biggest thing that drives engagement is the quality of the creative.”

- Keith Weed, CMO, Unilever, CNBC, 6 May 2016 -

"No one said you have to choose between brand building or sales activation. Quite the opposite. If you combine them, in balance, you get powerful multiplier effects."

The Power of Advertising

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