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Over 40% of digital brand effects are a result of working with other digital or offline media to produce synergistic effects

Design creative with context in mind accounts for 50% of ad dollar driving their highest potential

of the original brand impact of digital campaigns retained for eight weeks after the original exposure

Australians spend an average of 107 hours online each month

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Drive awareness among contextually relevant editorial driven content. 56% of consumers agree they prefer advertising within content relevant environments.


Providing high level data capabilities, premium digital publishers offer brands a platform to track real return on investment.


Premium, editorially driven publishers provide brands with unprecedented amounts of creativity, rich media advertising formats and deep knowledge of what connects with their audience.

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The Digital Brand Effect Report

How Digital Advertising Is Building Brands and Delivering Long-Term Brand Impact

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Device Ownership & Trends

As part of IAB Australia’s role in managing the digital audience measurement currency endorsement process, it is vital that there is continual tracking of macro digital device ownership and usage trends to ensure that our measurement systems are built to reflect the Australian population

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Why ads perform better on premium editorial sites

Research into the effect of context on brain responses to identical ads.

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“Long-term results cannot be achieved by piling short-term results on short-term results.”

- Peter Drucker, 1993 -

“The biggest thing that drives engagement is the quality of the creative.”

- Keith Weed, CMO, Unilever, CNBC, 6 May 2016 -

"Creativity sells and the more creative you are, the more it sells."

The Power of Advertising

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