Massive disruption is causing constant re-evaluation of every aspect of business. Yet, despite all this change, it’s clear that investing in a consistent brand presence continues to deliver huge advantages.

It can be argued that a strong brand is more useful than it’s ever been. Product and service categories, purchase channels, media channels and marketing messages have all fragmented. Our audiences are assaulted with an increasing number of daunting and ever-changing choices, each presented in a myriad of ways. At the most basic level, a strong and consistent brand cuts through the confusion, and makes it simpler for our audiences.

It’s much easier to choose something you know and like.

– Joan Withers MBA, CFInstD

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Follow the Seven Rules
for Effectiveness

Focus on building mental availability for your brand.

This will require investment in brand-building advertising that primes consumers to want to choose it in advance of purchase.


Use advertising to create distinctive assets for your brand.

This will help you build mental availability.


Get emotional.

Emotional advertising primes behaviour more powerfully and over longer periods of time.


Get Creative.

Original advertising is more distinctive and more likely to get talked about: both boost mental availability.


Be consistent.

But allow for innovation around a consistent theme. Develop fluent devices that will help you achieve this.


Reach wide with advertising.

Do not be seduced by the idea that it is wasteful to talk to people who are not about to buy. It is vital to do so.


Balance media.

Brand building and sales activation spend should be approximately 60:40. Choose the media best suited to each role.

Saatchi & Saatchi is the “Nothing is Impossible” company. We believe in the unreasonable power of creativity to solve impossible challenges. For over 40 years we have helped iconic Aussie brands solve their intractable business problems and deliver astonishing results.

“The biggest thing that drives engagement is the quality of the creative.”

- Keith Weed, CMO, Unilever, CNBC, 6 May 2016 -

"Creativity sells and the more creative you are, the more it sells."

"No one said you have to choose between brand building or sales activation. Quite the opposite. If you combine them, in balance, you get powerful multiplier effects."

The Power of Advertising

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